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Urgent: a splinter group within the FCC is trying to kill net neutrality.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has answered our calls and is planning to adopt strong net neutrality rules, using Title II of the Telecommunications Act. But two FCC commissioners are going against Wheeler and trying to derail the whole process. We need you to remind them to stand with the public and make sure the Internet is equal for all.

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Our nifty tool can beat the Big Cable lobbying machine — it floods the FCC with phone calls every day. It's now or never to send a clear message to all of the FCC that we won't be ignored and we won't accept a watered down compromise. The FCC must stand with Obama and the millions of Internet users who’ve called for strong Title II rules.

If your phone number is based outside of the U.S., it will not work with this call tool. But don't fret about it! You can still sign our letter for net neutrality here.


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